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Practical and efficient.

CryptoSwap was supposed to be like any other DEX. But in building this, we quickly found out that many of DEXs are running into the same problems. Impermanent loss, inefficient pricing, large spreads, unscability, and MEV are problems that affect liquidity providers and traders alike. Rather than pretending like these fundamental issues do not exist, we decided to just face them head on and come up with solutions.

We introduced liquidity options, which allow liquidity providers to choose their impermanent loss. This gives the protocol the option to deploy their liquidity in order to make pricing more efficient. Better prices lead to thinner spreads, which benefit both liquidity providers and traders.

Miner Extractable Value (MEV) is the single greatest threat to DEXs. It undermines the entire mission of DeFi: to create a trustless and permissionless financial system while minimizing middleman fees.

Until the day that CryptoSwap solves all of these issues, we will not consider our mission a success, regardless of the accomplishments.

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